Adoption means the process through which the adopted child becomes the lawful child of his adoptive parents with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities that are attached to a biological child.

Fundamental principles governing adoption-

*the child’s best interests shall be of paramount consideration, while processing any adoption placement

*preference shall be given to place the child in adoption with Indian citizens and with due regard to the principle of placement of the child in his own socio-cultural environment, as far as possible

*all adoptions shall be registered on Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System and the confidentiality of the same shall be maintained by the Authority.

Stakeholders in adoption process-

Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) – CARA ensures smooth functioning of the adoption process from time to time, issues Adoption Guidelines laying down procedures and processes to be followed by different stakeholders of the adoption programme.

State Adoption Resource Agency (SARA) – State Adoption Resource Agency acts as a nodal body within the State to promote and monitor adoption and non-institutional care in coordination with Central Adoption Resource Authority.

Specialised Adoption Agency (SAA) – Specialised Adoption Agency (SAA) is recognized by the State Government under sub-section 4 of section 41 of the Act for the purpose of placing children in adoption.

Authorised Foreign Adoption Agency (AFAA)- Authorised Foreign Adoption Agency is recognised as a foreign social or child welfare agency that is authorised by Central Adoption Resource Authority on the recommendation of the concerned Central Authority or Government Department of that country for coordinating all matters relating to adoption of an Indian child by a citizen of that country.

District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) – District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) means a unit set up by the State Government at district level under Section 61A of the Act. It identifies orphan, abandoned and surrendered children in the district and gets them declared legally free for adoption by Child Welfare Committee.

Who is eligible to adopt a child?

*The prospective adoptive parents should be physically, mentally and emotionally stable; financially capable; motivated to adopt a child; and should not have any life threatening medical condition;

*Any prospective adoptive parent, irrespective of his marital status and whether or not he has his own biological son or daughter, can adopt a child;

*Single female is eligible to adopt a child of any gender:

*Single male person shall not be eligible to adopt a girl child;

*The consent of both the spouses for the adoption shall be required, in case of a married couple

*No child shall be given in adoption to a couple unless they have at least two years of stable marital relationship except in the cases of relative or step-parent adoption.

*The minimum age difference between the child and either of the prospective adoptive parents should not be less than twenty five years;

*The age for eligibility will be as on the date of registration of the prospective adoptive parents;

*The age criteria for prospective adoptive parents shall not be applicable in case of relative adoptions and adoption by step-parent.

*Couples with three or more children shall not be considered for adoption except in case of special need children as defined in sub-regulation (21) of regulation 2, hard to place children as mentioned in regulation 50 and in case of relative adoption and adoption by step-parent.

Adoption procedure-


*Parents register online on CARINGS (

*Select preferred Adoption Agency for HSR (Home Study Report) and State

*User ID and Password generated

*Upload documents within 30 days of registration

*Registration number generated

*Specialised Adoption Agency (SAA) conducts Home Study Report (HSR ) of the PAPs and uploads it on CARINGS within 30 days from the date of submission of required documents on CARINGS

*Suitability of Prospective Adoptive Parent (PAP)s is determined (if not found suitable, PAPs  informed with reasons for rejection)

*PAPs reserve one child, as per their preference from upto  6 children

*PAPs visit the adoption agency within 15 days from the date of reservation and finalize

*If the child is not finalized within stipulated time, the PAPs come down in the seniority list

*On acceptance of the child by the PAPs, SAA completes the referral and adoption process (on CARINGS)

*PAPs take the child in pre – adoption foster care and SAA files petition in the court

*Adoption Court order issued

*Post-adoption follow-up report is conducted for a period of two years.

Parents In-country – Instructions for Online Parent Registration for Adoption

*This registration is meant for Indian citizens residing in India

*Please give your correct residential address and telephone no. with area code

*You or your spouse must have a Permanent Account Number (PAN) card and you have to upload PAN card in portable document format (.pdf) – size should not exceed 512 KB

*You have to upload your (single parent) or your family photograph (couple) in .jpg format (3.5 x 4.5 cm). – Size should not exceed 1 MB

*You must have an email account and mobile number

*After successful registration, you will receive an online acknowledgement letter which will contain your registration and credential details

*In case you misplace your online acknowledgement letter, then it can be regenerated using Forgot Password link available in Track Status page

Please upload the following documents:

*Photograph of person/s adopting a child (Post Card Size)

*Birth Certificate

*Proof of Residence (Adhaar Card/Voter Card/ Driving License/ Passport/ Current Electricity Bill/ Telephone Bill

*Proof of Income of last year (Salary Slip/ Income Certificate issued by Govt. Department/ Income Tax Return)

*In case you are married, please upload Marriage Certificate

*In case you are divorcee, please upload copy of Divorce Decree

*In case of death of your spouse, please upload Death Certificate of spouse

*Certificate from a medical practitioner certifying that the PAPs do not suffer from any chronic, contagious or fatal disease and they are fit to adopt.

*In case of incomplete/wrong information, your application is liable to be treated as invalid

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