Yashika Aggarwal

Yashika Aggarwal is a skilled legal professional working as an Associate in our organization. Her recent completion of her LLM from OP Jindal Global University, specialising in Intellectual Property and Technology Laws, demonstrates her dedication to academic success. Yashika is now enhancing her legal knowledge and gaining real-world experience across various legal fields.

Yashika has shown a strong commitment to adhering to legal and regulatory requirements while actively maintaining bank panel data. This hands-on experience has sharpened her understanding of banking law’s nuances and improved her ability to navigate complex legal frameworks. She is a valuable addition to our team.


Yashika earned her LLM from OP Jindal Global University, specialising in Intellectual Property and Technology Laws, reflecting her high level of competence and expertise in the legal field. Her academic background has provided her with a solid understanding of legal principles and their practical applications. She has a strong grasp of content development and possesses extensive knowledge.

Areas of Expertise:

Yashika has developed expertise in various legal areas, including:

Cheque Bounce, NI Act:
Yashika specialises in cases related to cheque bounces under the Negotiable Instruments Act (NI Act), representing clients and seeking legal remedies for non-payment or insufficient funds.

Yashika has direct experience dealing with matters pertaining to the Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007 (PASS Act). She has actively provided victims with legal assistance and worked to advance justice and equity in these situations.

Matrimonial Disputes:
Yashika has a keen interest in matrimonial disputes, including divorce, child custody, alimony, and property division. She works to uphold her clients’ rights and achieve just and amicable resolutions.

Domestic Violence Act:
Yashika has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the provisions found in the Domestic Violence Act by providing legal aid to victims of domestic abuse and actively participating in initiatives to prevent and address such incidents.

Consumer Act:
Yashika provides legal representation to clients involved in consumer disputes, helping them seek compensation for unfair trade practices, product defects, or deficient services.


Yashika possesses a diverse range of skills that contribute to her effectiveness as a legal professional, including:

Proficiency in Microsoft Word:
Yashika is skilled in using Microsoft Word for drafting legal documents, including contracts, agreements, and correspondence, and has excellent research skills.

Legal Research:
Yashika has a strong background in research, allowing her to support her cases and provide well-informed counsel to clients by conducting extensive and thorough legal research.

Document Preparation:
Yashika is an expert in creating precise and organised legal documents that meet all requirements and effectively communicate the intended message.

Client Interaction:
Yashika possesses excellent interpersonal skills, engaging with clients professionally and empathetically, understanding their concerns, and providing appropriate legal guidance.

Analytical Thinking:
Yashika demonstrates analytical thinking, enabling her to assess complex legal situations, identify key issues, and develop effective strategies to address them.


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