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  • The government: You need to comply with all government rules and at the same make sure that there is no violation by your establishment. Further, you also need the legal retainer-ship to ensure that no unnecessary tax is paid and to pay all the levied taxes on time.
  • The third party: You need the services of legal Retainership for dealing and complying with all requirements of the third party whether it is vendors or other business markets or your clients.
  • People within the establishment: The organization does run-on its own, you need to regulate the people working within your establishment. For that, you need the services of legal retainers so that your concentration lies only on the growth of your business.



How can we HELP???

We provide legal services for all phases of your startup and establishment whether it is incorporation, structuring, compliances, growth process, funding option, etc. we render services with great professionalism in areas of:

  • Compliances and Licenses: We give legal advice on any new amendment or existing laws for betterment and protection of the establishment and its right thereof. We also take care of all the necessary compliances required by your establishment. We provide services for the grant of a license, if necessary. We provide services from basic incorporation of a company to listing into stock, or from managing your corporate legal affairs to your on table negotiations with the third party.
  • Documentation and vetting: We provide services for drafting, review of drafts contracts by clients, employment agreements and preparation for contracts. We shall draft the contracts and other documents in three process stages: Review, Revise and Finalize and shall share the progress of each step with you. We shall also participate with you in any meeting for the negotiation process, if required.
  • Litigation matters: We assist you in all you litigation matters whether it’s representation before the court of filing in courts. We provide services for all litigation matters which include complying of legal compliances of court or suit for recovery of money, the performance of breach of contract, etc. We altogether deal with criminal and civil matters.
  • Non Litigation matters: We provide services for assistance in non-litigation matters such as Arbitration proceedings, hiring employees, on-table negotiations, third-party contracts, mediation and conciliation, and many more.
  • Legal advice for Merger-Acquisition and Joint Ventures: We assist you in decision-making in respect of Merger- Acquisition or joint venture. We also update you with all the legal consequences which might arise in forthcoming decisions by your establishment.
  • Corporate Advisory: We act as a corporate advisory for your establishment startup. We provide well-researched services for corporate advisory, professional advice, diagnosis of insider trading, corporate spy, audits, and serve for all business need required for business expansion, acquisition, mergers, joint ventures and restructuring.
  • Due diligence: We provide services in legal, financial and tax due diligence. We provide services for business analysis for establishment before contracting for any investment, vendors, mergers, or acquisitions.
  • Risk Management: We further provide services of Risk Management for your business. We provide services for all 5 steps: Identify the risks, analyse the risk, evaluate the risk, treat the risk and at last monitor the risk.
  • Employment and Labor Law: We provide services from complying with all employment and labour rules and regulations, to draft and finalize all HR policy. We further assist you in dealing with any issue raised by the employee or worker.
  • Public Procurement: It is a process by which a government setup purchases products and operations from a private sector or a startup. As the purchase involves taxpayer’s money, the government always ensures that the process is fair, efficient and transparent. So we help you by providing all the services you need for public procurement.


Presenting out legal retainer-ship model for various big and small organizations. We understand that in a fast changing environment, what remains constant for our clients, is the quest for growth. A continuously evolving business environment necessitates reading between the lines, understand the impact stemming from disruptive changes and respond with solutions that mitigate risks and maximize opportunities. Our lawyers are ahead of the curve and work back with clients on enhancing value for their businesses through a full spectrum of services.



What do you mean by Legal Retainership ?

When the client pays an upfront amount to the lawyer before he has begun his work for the client is called LegalRetainership. The fee so paid to the lawyer is called a retainer fee. Generally, the Retainership Agreement is for a specific period rather than for a specific purpose. The retainer fee can be paid in a single advance payment or recurring monthly payments.



Why do you need Legal Retainership ?

An establishment needs the service of legal retainer-ship for dealing with 3 groups:


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