Intellectual Property Rights

Trademark Assignment and Licensing

Trademark licensing is a process of authorizing another person or company for using the rights of the owner as of the registered user for a specified period of time upon the mutually agreed terms and conditions. In consideration, the owner will receive the royalty from the licensee. Section 48 of the Trade Marks Act, 1999 states that the provision of the licensing of the trademark. Another important aspect is that of the transferring of rights. Only some rights are given with regards to the licensed trademark and the exclusive rights pertain with the owner itself. Section 37 deals with the power...

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Introduction Intellectual Property Right is the emerging form of law where the applicability of your mind can be protected. In other words, we can say that the things produced or designed by your creation and use of the mind can be safeguarded. The Patents Act, 1970 is one part of the Intellectual Property Rights. The Act deals with the rules and regulations related to the patents. If a person thinks, what he has made is capable of an invention, he or if he works for an entity, that entity can ask the Government, by filing an application with the Patent Office...

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In Hindu joint family, the Karta or manager, occupies pivotal position. So unique is his position that there is no comparable office or institution in any other system of the world. His position is sui generis. Though he is a person with limited powers, yet within the ambit of his sphere, he possesses such vast power as are possessed by none else.   Ordinarily, the senior most male member is the Karta of the joint family. He does not owe his position to the agreement or consent of other coparceners.    POWERS OF KARTA   1) The Karta represents the joint family in all civil and criminal proceedings. He can...

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Benefits Of ADR

A dispute can be settled or chosen much sooner with ADR, regularly in a matter of months, hence even weeks, while conveying a claim to trial can take a year or more.It is gaining importance.ADR also play an important  role . Saves Cash At the point when cases are settled before through ADR, the parties may spare a portion of the cash they would have spent on lawyer charges, Court costs, expert' expenses, and other suit costs. Control Over the Procedure In ADR, parties normally assume a more prominent part in forming both the procedure and its result. In most ADR forms, parties have greater chance to recount their side...

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Introduction The term intellectual property means the creation of the mind. The intellectual property is intangible property. The trademark is part of the Intellectual Property. Other kinds of intellectual property are copyright, patent, geographical index, design, etc. The protection of the intellectual property is important because it is the creation of one’s own mind. One produces them after a lot of research and a lot of thinking. The law of trademarks is used to protect logos, symbols or color combinations or a combination of these. The law of trademarks is described under the ‘THE TRADE MARKS ACT, 1999’. As per the act, a...

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