Manager Litigation

Rohit yadav


Working as a Manager of Litigation in our company, Mr. Rohit Yadav is an experienced Lawyer with four years of PQE. Having worked for the Delhi High Court for over 4 years, Rohit has a thorough understanding of the legal system and has appeared in numerous judicial and quasi-judicial settings. His knowledge of several practice areas makes him an invaluable member of our team.

Experience and Expertise:

During his tenure at the Delhi High Court and other forums like MACT (Motor Accident Claims Tribunal), DRT (Debt Recovery Tribunal), RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority), and DCDRF (District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum), Rohit has gained extensive experience in handling a wide range of legal matters. He’s become a specialist in the following fields:

Dishonor of Cheque/NACH:

Rohit offers legal support to clients seeking redress for non-payment or insufficient funds. He specialises in cases involving dishonoured checks and NACH (National Automated Clearing House) payments.

Execution of Decrees:

Rohit is adept at handling the execution of decrees, ensuring that court judgments and orders are effectively enforced.

Consumer Complaints:

Rohit handles consumer disputes on behalf of clients, defending their rights and pursuing damages for unfair business practices, defective goods, or subpar services. He focuses primarily on consumer law.

Industrial Disputes:

Rohit provides legal representation in industrial disputes, assisting clients in resolving employment-related conflicts, collective bargaining issues, and matters about Labor Law.

Pre-Litigation Work:

Rohit is an expert in pre-litigation duties such as drafting legal documents, conducting in-depth legal research, and providing advisory services. He is an expert in registering intellectual property rights (IPR), making sure businesses follow the law, carrying out due diligence procedures, completing thorough legal gap analyses, and writing business agreements.

Arbitration and Dispute Resolution:

Rohit has extensive experience with conciliation, mediation, and arbitration as forms of alternative dispute resolution. He helps people settle conflicts without going through the formal legal system.

Banking and Finance

Rohit provides legal assistance in banking and finance matters, advising clients on regulatory compliance, loan agreements, debt recovery, and other related issues.

Cheque Bounce Matters:

Rohit handles cases involving cheque bounce and represents clients in legal proceedings to recover their dues.

Civil and Criminal Litigation:

Rohit is skilled in both criminal and civil litigation. In a variety of civil and criminal proceedings, he represents clients, making sure their rights are upheld and offering strong legal counsel.

Motor Accident Claims:

Rohit handles motor accident claims cases, assisting clients in obtaining compensation for injuries and damages resulting from road accidents.

Matrimonial Issues:

In cases involving marital conflicts, such as divorce, child custody, alimony, and property distribution, Rohit offers legal assistance.

Because of his extensive knowledge in a wide range of legal topics, pre-litigation work, and military law study, Rohit Yadav is a significant asset to our team. He is committed to giving our customers high-quality legal services, defending their legal rights, and working towards favourable results in their cases.


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