Durga Yadav

Personal Information

As an Associate in our organisation, Ms. Durga Rani Yadav is an accomplished professional with a six-year PQE in law. She is a great complement to our team because of her varied knowledge and solid educational background.


The basis of Durga Rani Yadav’s legal expertise is her Bachelor of Arts in Law (BA LL.B Hons.). Her pursuit of a Master of Laws (LLM) degree with a focus on Business Law further demonstrates her comprehensive comprehension of legal ideas and practices within the business and corporate spheres.

Areas of Expertise:

Due to her extensive legal knowledge, Durga Rani Yadav is equipped to handle a variety of challenging matters. Her areas of expertise include of:

Recovery Suit:

In handling recovery suits, Durga Rani Yadav has a great deal of expertise and experience. She helps clients get their dues and debts back through the legal system.


The policies and regulations of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) are well-known to Durga Rani Yadav. She may advise clients on legal issues pertaining to real estate transactions, regulatory compliance, and conflict resolution.

Cheque Bounce, NI Act:

The Negotiable Instruments Act’s (NI Act) legal provisions are thoroughly understood by Durga Rani Yadav. She deals with situations involving bounced checks and other disagreements involving negotiable instruments.

Matrimonial Disputes:

In cases involving marital conflicts, such as divorce, child custody, alimony, and the division of marital property, Durga Rani Yadav offers legal support and representation.

Domestic Violence Act:

Durga Rani Yadav fights for victims of domestic abuse by protecting them in court and helping them obtain protection orders thanks to her knowledge of the Domestic Violence Act.


In motor vehicle accident cases, Durga Rani Yadav represents clients in court and pursues damages and injury compensation. She also handles cases about Motor Accident Claims Tribunals (MACT).

Criminal Litigation:

In criminal cases, Durga Rani Yadav represents clients and makes sure their rights are upheld throughout the legal process. She is skilled in criminal law.

Civil Litigation:

Durga Rani Yadav handles civil litigation cases involving property disputes, contractual disputes, tort claims, and other civil law matters thanks to her knowledge of the law.

Consumer Act:

With experience in managing consumer complaints, Durga Rani Yadav provides clients who have been victims of unfair trade practices, product flaws, or other violations of their rights with legal advice and representation.

Property Dispute:

When it comes to ownership disputes, land disputes, and other property-related issues, Durga Rani Yadav helps clients find resolutions.


Durga Rani Yadav possesses a range of skills that contribute to her success as a lawyer:

Drafting Legal Documents:

She has proficiency in Microsoft Word, enabling her to draft precise and effective legal documents, including contracts, agreements, pleadings, and other correspondence.

Legal Research:

To create compelling arguments and give her clients well-informed guidance, Durga Rani Yadav is adept at performing in-depth legal research and maintaining current with pertinent laws, precedents, and legal changes.

Durga Rani Yadav is a vital member of our organisation due to her remarkable qualifications, competence in a variety of legal disciplines, and proficiency in legal research and drafting. Her constant goal is to give her clients the best possible legal advice and representation, making sure that their rights and interests are always upheld.


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