Aadhar Authentication for Good Governance: Rules Notified

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Aadhar Authentication by requesting entities for good governance ( social welfare, innovation, knowledge) rules 2020 notified today by the Central Government.

Authentication means submission of Aadhar Number to the Central Identities Data Repository Authority. The Submission is for the purpose of its verification along with demographic information or biometric information. And Central Identities Data Repository then verifies the correctness and lack thereof of documents available with it.

And, Requesting Entity is an agency or person who submits the demographic information or biometric information to the Repository for authentication

So, Today the central Government has issued the rules regarding the purpose for which the entity can submit the documents to authority for authentication. And these rules are issued by the Central Government by invoking the power under Section 53(1) and 53(2) (aa) of Aadhar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and other Subsidies, Benefits, and Services Act, 2016).

Section 4 of the above said Act states that the entities may be allowed to submit the documents for authentication. But only when the Repository Authority satisfied that:

  1. The entity is complying with the standard of privacy and security specified under regulations, and
  2.  permitted to authentication by any other law made by the Parliament, and
  3.  is seeking authentication for the purpose as the central govt may specify with the consultation of authority in the interest of justice.


According to the rules notified today, the central govt has the power to allow the authentication to requesting entities. But the govt will allow in the interest of justice, preventing leakages of funds, ease of living, and better access to services to the residents. The purpose of allowing is –

  • Usage of digital platforms to ensure good governance.
  • Prevention of dissipation of social welfare benefits.
  • Enablement of innovation and to spread knowledge.


The rules notified today further provide that the ministry of the department of govt of India or state govt also can utilize Aadhar authentication. But Aadhar authentication must be for the purpose above mentioned in regard to entities. But these departments have to prepare a justification in regard to the above-mentioned purpose and submit to the central govt for making a reference to authority.