In ancient India, women were revered and rendered a significant contribution towards the welfare of family & society. They had a high status within the society and felt gratifying and contented. The women got the opportunity to attain high intellectual and spiritual standards. During this period, many women rishis were there. The system of Sati and child marriage wasn’t prevailing.

Position of Women in Rig Vedic society

During the Rig Vedic society, women were revered & appreciated, but later they were discriminated against in the Vedic period. When the Vedic period comes to an end, the women were deprived of the social and religious regions. Society didn’t permit the participation of women in social, religious, and cultural functions. The position of women diminished up to an extent that the birth of the girl child within the family reflects as a misfortune. Whereas, the male children valued as an asset.

Manu’s View

As per Manu’s perspective, women are viewed to merely perform the roles of the wife & mother. As a mother, she is responsible for the implementation of tasks and functions that are necessary for child development. Whereas, as a wife, she is responsible for fulfilling all the tasks and implement all responsibilities. People didn’t respect the widows. In Buddhism & the Islamic religion also, the women were deprived of participating in any religious organizations.

Mauryan period

During the Mauryan period also, the status of women was in a deteriorated condition. However, the kings employed female bodyguards & spies. Society forced the women of upper castes to accept the purdah system. During this period, men were polygamous & Sati was regarded as an accepted norm. Arthashastra imposed more stigma upon them; they were not permitted to go to many places without the permission of their husbands & were not allowed to make decisions on their own.

Position of Women in Ancient India

In ancient India, women were given recognition and significance & also constraints are imposed upon them. The women connected to upper castes & wealthy families rendered a significant contribution in improving the well-being of the family and community. They were provided with educational opportunities. They are in the teaching profession and developed their skills and abilities. One of the major causes of decline was the prevalence of female infanticide and female foeticide. Later, these practices were regarded as criminal practices & measures and programs were formulated that would prevent them from taking place. They experienced a number of factors that imposed detrimental effects upon their well-being. It includes illiteracy, the purdah system, forced child marriage, polygamy, & Sati. They were not permitted to make any decision on their own & were dependent upon the male members of the family.


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