Registration of Adoption Deed

Introduction: Registration of Adoption Deed

Section 16 of the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956 provides that if the adoption deed is registered, it shall be presumed that the adoption has been done after complying with the provisions of HAMA. So, it is highly recommended to get the adoption deed registered at the concerned Sub Registrar Office. Moreover, registration of adoption deed is compulsory for applying for visa/passport, etc. It is also necessary for updating the name of the father/mother in the passport and the birth certificate of the child. The unregistered adoption deed cannot be used for the correction/updation of the birth certificate.

Required Documents:

1. Adoption deed on Rs. 1000/- stamp paper.
2. Valid ID Proof of adoptive and natural parents.
3. Valid ID Proof of 2 witnesses.

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1. The adoption deed is drafted by an advocate on the Rs. 1000/- stamp paper. Two copies are required of the same.
2. A token has to be taken from Sub Registrar Office and the token shall be valid for one hour only. A new token is required after the lapse of one hour.
3. After this, the photograph of both parties will be clicked.
4. Now, the parties shall visit the feeding counter and the concerned person shall incorporate all the details of adoptive parents, natural parents, witnesses, and of the advocate who drafted the adoption deed.
5. Payment of challan amounting to Rs. 103/- will be paid. This amount is paid in Gurugram, Haryana. The amount of challan depends on the code of the different states.
6. Now photographs of adoptive parents and natural parents with a child, and the photograph of two witnesses shall be clicked.
7. Payment of service charges shall be 500/- in Gurugram, Haryana. This will also depend upon the different states. After this, you will receive a registration number (for eg. 547) and that number would help get the certified adoption deed from SDM Office.
8. Now on the first and second page of the adoption deed concerned person will append the photographs of witnesses, adoptive, and natural parents and will incorporate the necessary detail.
9. Adoptive and natural parents and the 2 witnesses shall append their signature on the adoption deed. And the original adoption deed shall be submitted in the SDM office.
10. After 15 to 20 days, by stating the registration number that you have received earlier in the Sub Registrar office, parties can get certified of the original adoption deed.