The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Gurugram had passed an interim order against the Dog Owner, and the complainant had claimed monetary assistance of Rs.10 lakhs to fulfil her basic necessities including basic expenses as well as diet and other misc. expenses. On suffered multiple deep wounds and multiple injuries on different parts of the body including the head, bitten by the dog in the Locality of Civil line Gurugram.

Various directions issued by the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Gurugram, are extracted as under:-

A. Regarding Banned breeds of Dogs:

i. For ensuring the proper compliance of the Government of India, Extraordinary Notification No. 3/2015-2020 dated 25.04.2016, the following pet dogs of foreign breeds are hereby completely banned with immediate effect w.e.f. 15.11.2022 which are as follows:-

1. American Pit-bull Terriers    2. Dogo Argentino    3. Rottweiler  4. Neapolitan Mastiff    5. Boerboel   6. Presa Canario    7. Wolf Dog, 8. Bandog        9. American Bulldog   10. Fila Brasileiro   11. Cane Corso.

ii. The Municipal Corporation, Gurugram is directed to cancel all the license’s if any, issued in this regard in favour of the dog owners for keeping the above-cited pet dogs with immediate effect and take into its custody the aforesaid dogs immediately w.e.f. 15.11.2022.

(iii) The Municipal Corporation, Gurugram in this regard is also to issue public notice/notification with immediate effect, thereby informing all the residents of District Gurugram including the residents of various housing/residential societies situated within the limits of Municipal Corporation, Gurugram.

(B). Regarding pet dogs

(i) Apart from the aforesaid banned dogs, in respect of the remaining pet dogs. the Municipal Corporation, Gurugram, for ensuring the proper compliance of the Rules/Bye-laws stipulated under Rule 311 of the Haryana Municipal Act, 1994 is directed to make the registration of the pet dogs mandatory w.e.f15.11 2022 within one month and to issue the license/s in respect thereof, the fee of which shall not be less than Rs.12.000/- per year, with the renewal fee every year, which shall not less than Rs. 9,000/- per year.

(ii) The Municipal Corporation, Gurugram is directed to require that every registered dog shall wear a collar to which shall be attached a metal token coupled with a metal chain.

(iii). The Municipal Corporation, Gurugram is directed to require that one family will keep only one dog, and, that, whenever, the registered dog is taken to public places, its mouth shall be properly covered with a net cap or otherwise, so that it may not bite anyone. Besides, at that time, the owner of said registered pet dog will also take with him dog shitbag and dog shit plucker in order to maintain proper hygiene and proper cleanliness at public places.

iv. The Municipal Corporation, Gurugram is directed to issue public notice/notification to all the residents/housing societies of District Gurugram-situated within its limit to strictly follow the aforesaid rules with the warning that who-so-ever was found violating the aforesaid provisions, his/her dog shall be immediately taken into custody by the Municipal Corporation, Gurugram, and, that, the violator would be imposed fine which shall not be less than Rs.20,000/- and which may extend to Rs.2 lakh. in default of which he will incur imprisonment not less than one month which may extend up to 2 years.

C. Regarding stray dogs

i. All the stray dogs within the limits of Municipal Corporation, Gurugram shall be taken into custody with immediate effect i.e. w.e.f. 15.11.2022 and shall be kept in Dog Ponds or at a place, which is stated to be maintained by the Municipal Corporation, Gurugram near Village Basai with the help of some NGOs, and, that, all the dogs so kept therein shall be taken care of properly with respect to their food, health and personal safety. Besides, such dogs kept in dog pond shall be vaccinated and sterilized properly as per rules.

ii. In addition to it, the Municipal Corporation, Gurugram is also directed to frame proper rules for awarding compensation in case of dog bite cases with the provision that in case of dog bite cases the minimum compensation shall not be less than Rs.20.000/- and which may extend up to 2 lakh depending upon the nature gravity & seriousness of the injuries suffered by the dog bite victim.

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