Delhi High Court rejects plea of 97 persons seeking regular employment on completion of apprenticeship

Plea before Delhi High Court seeks mandatory insurance for electric vehicles

5 MAY 2022

Plea before Delhi High Court seeks mandatory insurance for electric vehicles.

On Wednesday, the Delhi High Court issued notice to the Central and Delhi governments in response to a public interest litigation (PIL) case seeking orders to make insurance coverage mandatory for all-electric cars [Rajat Kapoor, Advocate v Union of India and Anr].

Acting Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Navin Chawla of the Division Bench demanded statements from; the Central and Delhi governments, and the matter adjourned till October 20.

According to the petition, rising gasoline and diesel prices have; create a strong market for electric cars, and there is an; urgent need to solve the problem of a high number of electrically driven two-wheeler vehicles lacking insurance.

According to Kapoor, if an electric vehicle is a two-wheeler with; a top speed of up to 25 kilometers per hour and a power output of less than 250 watts, it does not require a driver’s license to operate. As a result, the argument stated that; students, youths, and retirees choose to drive these cars since they do not require registration.

“The lack of insurance restrictions will result in a slew of automobiles running or flying down; the road with no apparent point of origin, potentially wreaking havoc in the coming days.” That; it is critical, particularly in the case of third-party insurance, that; Electric Vehicles not be permitted to leave; the showroom until all insurance formalities have been completed,” it stated.

According to the petition, changes in geopolitical situations as a result of the; current crisis in Ukraine have generated volatility in crude oil prices, resulting in an increase in electric vehicles, necessitating; the enactment of electric vehicle legislation.

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