In India, marriage done between two families rather than two individuals. The partners are often very young in age or emotionally immature. Marriage counseling in Gurgaon, like other family-centered interventions, has to root down in the socio-cultural, economic, and political environment in which it is offered.  The family unit is extended in spirit if not in composition and this has a major influence on the quality of the marital relationship.

Additionally, the conflict instigated and complicated by a third party’s involvement in the relationship, which is generally more destructive rather than facilitative. The influence of this ‘Third Force’ has to be taken cognizance of and dealt with in marriage counseling.

Therefore, to begin with, marriage counseling in India has to be based on an understanding of the social construction of marriage in Indian society and the status and roles of the marital sub-system within the family system as these have implications for the couple’s adjustment to each other and to the family system.

In a few cases, Divorce Counseling works by convincing a couple. They are not in a healthy marriage and by giving the couple the encouragement they need to end their marriage. Therefore, Divorce Counselling helps to manage a cooperative and non-destructive divorce.

Wider scope

  1. A marital relationship must unite with family and community systems.
  2. It has to take cognizance of the systemic nature of difficulties faced by the couple, the power equations between the marital dyad, and the role of patriarchy in couple relations.
  3. It has to recognize the possible adverse influence of the third force on the couple’s relationship.

In Indian society, inter-related threads are going through several changes. These changes are helping to shape out and amend individual identities and the role of families in the marriage. Not only this but also the values for the younger Indians and their consideration for inter-dependency, honor, self-effacement and social structure are leading ways to separation. With the coming generation, the new concept of marriage and divorce is emerging.

The Family Courts Act, 1984 brought the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and introduced the concepts like mediation, counseling, and conciliation. Counselors are appointed for marriage and divorce. They assist the spouse to identify the conflicts and help them resolve them.

The procedure for counseling differs from one state to another. Currently, as per Section 23, of the Family Courts Procedure Rules, 1996, two counselors must appoint with the roles and responsibilities of the counselors are framed by the High Court.  The responsibility of the counselors is to facilitate the reconciliation of their concerns.

Marriage Counseling

  • One of the basic qualifications of a counselor is to have the ability to understand the issue and try to resolve it without any bias.
  • In India, marriage is still socio-legal but now individuals and couples are coming up with prenuptial agreements before the marriages.
  • Nowadays marriage is to complete the emotional need between the partners and not just for procreation.
  • If the couples find it difficult to get solutions then they can opt for a marriage counselor. They have started to build proper communication styles in a marriage.
  • Couples have a better understanding, now if they feel it is not working they opt for divorce and do not drag their marriage for the sake of it as they used to do this before.
  • A counselor should have adequate knowledge of problem-solving, reconciliation, settlement. The welfare of the client, the client’s empowerment, and the emotions of the client.
  • This counseling creates a platform for the spouse to express their feelings completely.
  • No boundation on the counselor to disclose the conversation between the couples to anyone.
  • The counselor will send a notice that the settlement could arrive or not.
  • In that notice, a counselor could also recommend any psychiatrists or psychologists for any patients. This would help the courts to guide the spouse in a proper way.
  • In a few circumstances, more counseling sessions may be required. The courts also pave the way and give adequate time to the spouse.
  • The recommendation of pre-legation counseling to their clients should be asked by the lawyers.
  • The counseling approach will increase when the question comes up to a child.

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