• Love jihad is a stratagem theory alleging that Muslim men target women belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by simulate love. And the Muslim fraternity refers to the word Jihad to describe several kinds of struggle specifically three: A believer’s internal struggle to live out the Muslim faith possible and they to be ruled in the entire place.


  • Love jihad is especially performed by the Muslim community to utilize emotional appeals by using charm to entice girls into conversion by the simulate love. Love jihad to be established by the Muslim community by waging jihad through love marriage.


  • The Muslim community seemingly war through catching of innocent other religion women in the name of love and lust and they are called “ Love Romeos”. love jihad is a pre-planned strategy by Muslims to lure Hindu and Christian girls into their numbers is an ongoing demographic war and there was yet another flame stocking these fears among Hindus resentful of social reforms. The aforementioned figure portrait the tragic figure of the Hindu widow.



  • Forbidden remarriage among the upper caste, she was at once responsible for the death of the “Hindu Race”, since she could not bear the children, and they are attractiveness for the virile Muslim community, an endangerment in the sacred heart of the Hindu household, they arise the issue of “Abduction of Hindu Women”. Love Jihad mixes the most powerful individual human impulse apparently powerful human collective emotion. The consequences of the dangerous mix, which tears apart families and polarizes communities, can be deadly and explosive.


  • It’s one-way traffic that makes it worse, marriage between Muslims seems one-way traffic, as Islam bans Muslim women from marrying non-Muslims and confines them within the religion.

 History about Jihad

  • The Allegations of Love Jihad first raised in 2009 at the national level. Love Jihad was initially alleged to be conducted in Kerala and Mangalore in the coastal Karnataka region. According to the report of the Kerala Catholic Bishops Council, in October 2009 about 4,500 girls in Kerala and south regions had been picked out, whereas Hindu Janajagruti Samiti claimed about 30,000 girls had been converted in Karnataka alone.

Love against Jihad

  • In, 2020, the 3 states: Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka, were mulling laws designed to prevent “forcible conversions” through marriage, commonly referred to as “love jihad” laws. The ordinance passed by the govt. of Uttar Pradesh, that includes provisions against “unlawful religious conversion,” and also declares a marriage void-ab-initio if the sole intention was to “change a girl’s religion” and both it and the draft bill in Madhya Pradesh propose sentences of up to 10 years in prison for those who break the law.


All the above facts concluded that the phenomenal rise of Hindu Nationalism has fostered a no of anti-Muslim campaigns, ranging from random enforcement of vegetarianism on beef-eating communities to highly organized communal riots. Hindu nationalists discursive politics called ‘love jihad’ a moral panic against the alleged seduction, marriage, forced conversion, and trafficking of young Hindu girls by Muslim men. Against the backdrop of emerging urban modernities which offers Women’s exposure to education, romantic clothes and inter-religious marriages, employment in urban labour economics, and opportunities to experiment with religious ideologies and sexualities, the authors analyze the discourse the love jihad.


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