Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) in India is a beacon of financial stability for employees. It manages the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), a retirement savings plan aimed to secure the financial future of millions of people. However, as with any organization, hitches and faults might occur, resulting in account holders’ complaints. In such cases, knowing how to efficiently file a grievance with the EPFO is critical. This article will go over how to file a grievance with EPFO in great detail.

What is EPFiGMS?

EPFiGMS, which stands for Employees’ Provident Fund i-Grievance Management System, is an internet platform carefully designed by the EPFO. Its goal is to enable account holders to conveniently voice their complaints and seek resolutions. This digital platform embodies efficiency and accessibility, simplifying the complex grievance redressal process.

EPFO Grievances Which Can be Registered on EPFiGMS-

Here are some common grievances that can be registered on EPFiGMS:

1. EPF Withdrawal Delays: You’ve embarked on retirement, but your EPF withdrawal is inexplicably delayed. This warrants a formal complaint.

2. Transfer of EPF Account: The transition of your EPF account from a previous employer to your current one is stuck in bureaucratic limbo. It’s time to raise your voice.

3. EPF Balance Discrepancies: Your EPF balance reflects inaccuracies or discrepancies that gnaw at your financial peace of mind. It’s time to seek clarity.

4. Incorrect Personal Details: Errors in your personal information – your name, date of birth, or contact details – are causing ripples of concern. Register a formal grievance to set things right.

5. EPF Nomination Snags: Issues surrounding your EPF nomination details, changes, or the nomination process beckon for resolution through a grievance.

Process to Register a Complaint on EPF i-Grievance Management System (EPFiGMS)-

Here are the process on how to raise complaint in EPFO:

Step 1: Embark on the EPFiGMS Odyssey

Commence your journey by visiting the official EPFiGMS portal (https://epfigms.gov.in/). This digital gateway is your bridge to grievance resolution.

Step 2: The Genesis – New Grievance Registration

Upon arrival, your path is illuminated by the “New Grievance Registration” option. Click on this beacon to initiate the grievance registration process.

Step 3: The Identity Revelation-

You’ll be faced with revealing your true identity here. Enter your exact name, mobile number, email address, and EPF account number; these facts will serve as the foundation for a seamless settlement.

Step 4: Crafting the Grievance Narrative-

Now that you’ve established your identification, it’s time to define the heart of your complaint. Provide important information, such as the nature of the problem, dates, and supporting papers, to articulate your issue clearly and simply.

Step 5: The Moment of Truth – Verification and Submission

Before dispatching your grievance, perform a meticulous review. Ensure that all details are accurate and complete. Once content, summon the courage to click “Submit” and officially register your grievance.

Step 6: The Acknowledgment

Your grievance now wears the badge of acknowledgment, adorned with a unique registration number. Guard this number with care; it is your key to tracking the status of your complaint.

How to Check EPF Grievance Status?

Step 1: Return to the EPFiGMS Portal

Embark on your return journey to the EPFiGMS portal (https://epfigms.gov.in/).

Step 2: Unearthing the Status – Track Grievance Status

On the portal’s hallowed grounds, seek out the sacred “Track Grievance Status” option. Click on this oracle.

Step 3: The Information Elixir

Here, you’ll need to pour a libation of information, presenting your unique registration number and the mobile number or email address used during grievance registration.

Step 4: The Revelation – Get Status

Summon the gods of resolution by clicking the “Submit” button. Witness the real-time updates on your grievance’s journey to resolution.

Sometimes, patience wears thin as grievances linger unresolved. Consider sending a polite reminder to nudge the resolution process along in such times.

Different Issues where Complaints can be Registered-

EPFiGMS extends its benevolent reach to encompass many issues related to your EPF account. Some of these include:

1. Transfer Delays: The pilgrimage of your EPF account from one employer’s domain to another is shrouded in a delay’s mist. Raise a complaint to expedite this journey.

2. Incorrect Contribution: If discrepancies mar the contributions to your EPF account, wield your complaint as a corrective instrument.

3. EPF Nomination Woes: Grievances intertwined with EPF nominee details, nominee changes, or the nomination process itself merit resolution through EPFiGMS.

4. Withdrawal Predicaments: The realm of withdrawal from your EPF account presents its fair share of problems. Complaints can pave the way for timely resolutions.

5. KYC Verification Dilemmas: The verification of your KYC documents languishes, causing ripples of delay in EPF services. Invoke EPFiGMS to set this right.


The EPFO takes its members’ problems seriously and offers several channels for settlement. Understanding how to file a grievance through EPFiGMS, as well as the method for reviewing the status and issuing reminders, is critical to ensure that your EPF-related difficulties are resolved as soon as possible.

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