Renting out a property sounds a profitable choice for many of us. The high demand for rental homes from the migrating population in cities makes it an attractive journey for homeowners. However, the landlord must be careful while choosing tenants. Since the benefits of your investments depend solely on the kind of tenant you have chosen for your rental property. Police verification of your tenants is an essential component of this safeguarding process which must be properly followed for your own security. In case you are renting out your property without going through this safeguarding process, it is possible that trouble may strike you in the future.

The Gurgaon Police follows a tenant verification process to ensure the safety and security of the properties rented out by owners. This legal process of verifying tenants by the police follows the standard State protocols. Landlords can apply for police verification in Gurgaon either online or offline.

Landlords nationwide choose to have their tenants’ identities verified by the police in an effort to protect their properties. It is typically run by the state’s police force, which is the department responsible for law enforcement. The official Gurgaon Police website provides a convenient method for verifying the identity of a tenant in Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR. Homeowners can avoid potential risks and learn more about the tenant’s background by adhering to this legal process.

Why should you apply for police verification in Gurgaon?

1. You can quickly check the backgrounds of tenants you are interested in renting out your property. In this way, you can be sure that the people living on your property are not engaged in any illegal activities

2. The tenants also feel assured that the landlord is following the legal process prescribed by the law enforcement department. This avoids any scope of discrepancy in the tenant-owner dealing

3. As the identification proof of a tenant gets registered with the Gurgaon Police, it acts as a deterrent for them to engage in wrongful activities.

Required Documents for Tenant Verification-

The police tenant verification process involves a crucial written contract agreed upon and signed by both the parties the landowner and the tenant. To legally bind the contract, you need to know about the vital document required in the police verification of the tenant process. These are:

*Proof of ownership of the property or house on the part of the landlord so that his/her authority, as well as the right to rent out the property, is established

*Utility bills which have been settled should be ensured so that the new tenant doesn’t end up paying someone else’s dues

*A NOC or No-Objection Certificate is important in a colony or society so that the society members do not have any issues with renting out the place with pets, for example

*Proof of address is mandatory while renting a place so that the tenant’s permanent address is verified

Steps to apply for tenant police verification in Gurgaon online-

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Haryana Police.

Step 2: Enter your username and password in the ‘Citizen Login’ section. If you do not have the credentials, click on ‘Create citizen login’ and proceed further.

Step 3: Once done, you will find an option to submit the online application. A verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the code and click on the ‘Submit’ option. Your application for tenant police verification online Haryana will be done

Steps to apply for tenant police verification in Gurgaon offline-

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Gurugram Police.

Step 2: Click on ‘Download the Employee / Servant / Tenant Verification Application Form’. This will redirect you to another page, where a PDF police verification form for the tenant will appear.

Step 3: Download this form as it cannot be filled out online. The hard copy of this verification form should be filled out by the landlord along with the necessary details provided in the photocopies of the original documents. Make sure that the information in the original documents and the form matches.

Step 4: Fill out this Gurgaon police verification form and submit it to the local police station along with the application processing fee of Rs 500. You will get a reference number to check on the application status.

This is how tenants’ online and offline police verification procedures are carried out with Gurgaon Police’s help. Tenants must verify the property ownership documents with the landlord in order to prevent any inconsistencies, even though property owners have a specified procedure in place to verify the tenants’ identity.

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