The Delhi High Court is concerned about the "disturbing trend" of lower courts hearing bail requests that are now before the high court.

Gangster and former “Gogi Gang” member denied interim release in order to undergo mother’s surgery by Delhi High Court

A criminal and former “Gogi Gang” member was granted temporary bail on Tuesday by the Delhi High Court so that he could attend his mother’s operation.

Bhupender Singh alias Bhutta was appearing in court to request bail after being charged with violating Sections 186, 353, 332, 307, 224, 482, 392, 397, 120 B read with S.34 of the IPC, and Sections 25, 27 of the Arms Act.

Justice Asha Menon commented that it is difficult to accept that the applicant is the only one accessible to his family to care for sick people, noting that other family members are well-positioned to meet his mother’s demands.

The court said, “Especially in light of the fact that the normal bail application was refused, it appears that medical concerns that do not require immediate treatment were employed to gain temporary bail.

Singh’s attorney argued that because his brother had refused to care for his mother, who was experiencing spine erosion, he was the only one who could provide for her.

On the other hand, Singh allegedly made two untrue claims concerning members of his family, which the Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) affirmed in his ruling dated August 23, 2022.

According to the information provided, Singh’s family consists of a sister who resides in Sonipat, Haryana, a brother who lives in Australia, and two brothers who also reside in Alipur with their families. The sister’s children, who are also significant and are 25 and 26, were also mentioned in the addition. He said that the High Court had already rejected Singh’s request for regular bail.

It was further argued that Singh had previously benefited from interim bail twice this year—once for his wife’s anal fissure surgery and again to care for his father, who needed treatment for a hernia.

The State’s attorney correctly emphasised that severe charges have been brought against Singh, a mobster, and former “Gogi Gang” member, as the court recognised.

As a result, the court denied Singh’s request for an interim release, noting that since his mother will be having surgery, her daughter or daughter-in-law will be better able to take care of her requirements, especially during a hospital stay.