Defying Child Marriage and Fostering Talents


Welcome to the official blog of the Law Offices of Kr. Vivek Tanwar Advocate and Associates, where we are dedicated to providing litigation support services for matters related to Child Marriage. In today’s blog post, we aim to shed light on the prevailing issues surrounding Child Marriage, the legal framework in place for their protection, and the steps we can take as a society to combat these acts.

Child marriage is defined as a marriage where either the groom or the bride is below the age of 18 years. For girls, the legal age for marriage is set at 18, and for boys, it is set at 21. The Act makes it an offense to perform, participate in, or facilitate a child marriage. Any person who performs, conducts, directs, or abets any child marriage can be punished with imprisonment, which may extend to two years and a fine. The Act recognizes child marriages as voidable at the option of the contracting party who was a child at the time of the marriage.

Definition of Child Marriage

The child has the right to repudiate the marriage after attaining the age of 18 for girls and 21 for boys. The Act includes provisions for the protection and maintenance of the individuals involved in child marriages. The court may pass orders to ensure the welfare of the parties, including providing residence, maintenance, and other necessary arrangements. The Act allows either party to the marriage who was a child at the time of the marriage to file for an annulment within two years of attaining majority, which is 18 for girls and 21 for boys. The Act emphasizes the importance of preventing child marriages through awareness programs, education, and other measures.

Empowering Voices Against Child Marriage

In a heartening development, five courageous girls from Purulia District in West Bengal, who stood against the shackles of child marriage, had the honor of meeting the President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Afsana Khatun and Sunita Mahato, having met the President in May 2009, expressed their determination by seeking a second meeting. The President welcomed Mukti Majhi, Sangita Bauri, and Bina Kalindi, applauding their resilience against child marriage.

Presidential Appreciation and Encouragement

President Patil commended the girls, stating that their bravery not only benefits them but also paves the way for others aspiring to study rather than marrying early. She emphasized the need for such acts of courage to combat social practices hindering progress on the social front. The President stressed that economic progress alone is insufficient if detrimental social practices persist. While acknowledging government schemes for girls’ education, she called for sensitizing parents to encourage sending their daughters to school. President Patil urged the Purulia District girls to undertake the crucial task of enlightening their peers and parents about the adverse effects of child marriage.

Individual And Inspiring Stories of Triumph

Mukti Majhi, a tribal girl, overcame early challenges, resisted forced marriage, and is now pursuing studies in Class 7. Sangita Bauri, formerly a child laborer pressured to cease education for an early marriage, defied expectations and continued her schooling. Bina Kalindi, facing familial pressure for early marriage, successfully persuaded her father to abandon alcoholism and resisted the societal norm.

UNICEF’s Involvement and Presidential Recommendations

President Patil welcomed UNICEF’s participation in the district’s mission and urged authorities to showcase these brave girls during school holidays, inspiring others to stand against harmful social practices. She encouraged the girls to spread awareness and congratulated them for their courage.

Co-curricular Triumphs – Afsana Khatun’s Inspiring Journey

Afsana Khatun, enrolled in Satya Bharti School in 2015, exemplifies the transformative power of education. Initially reserved, her inclination towards recitation was discovered during the mid-day-meal time. Encouraged by teachers, she progressed from a shy participant to winning accolades in various events, becoming a role model for her peers. Afsana aspires to become a professor of Bengali literature, showcasing the potential unlocked through education.

Conclusion – Nurturing Talents and Breaking Barriers

The convergence of these stories underscores the profound impact of education in breaking societal barriers and empowering young minds. The journey from resisting child marriage to excelling in co-curricular activities exemplifies the transformative power of education, proving that every child has the potential to overcome challenges and become a beacon of change in society.

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