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Bill Of lading

Bill of lading Definition: – Bill of lading is the legal document, in which the master of the ship gives  a detailed list of a ship’s cargo (carrier or his agent) to the person consigning the goods. Bill of lading is in the form of receipt. It is the most important document in the shipping


Medico-legal Introduction:- Medico-legal a term, which incorporates the basics of the two professions i.e. Law and Medicine. Law and medicine both are interconnected with each other from the earliest times as former punishes the accused with the help of later in cases like murder, rape, check of paternity etc. Both law and medicine are interconnected

Sabrimala- A Conflict Between Rituals and Rights

Introduction: – India is a multi-religious society with different religions; people follow the several kinds of rituals from the time immemorial.Rituals are the sacred and customary way of celebrating a religion or culture. The human behavior mostly depends upon the way of his living. Right To Religion Our Constitution provides one of the privilege fundamental rights, which

Analysis Of Medical Termination Of Pregnancy Act, 1971

Analysis of Medical Termination of Pregnancy act, 1971 Objective of Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act:- As the Title ‘’Termination of Pregnancy’’ indicates to “end the pregnancy”. The main focus or objective of the medical termination of pregnancy act, 1971 is to allow the termination of only “certain types” of pregnancy by the “Registered Medical Practitioner”.

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