Cruelty for animals takes place when someone hurt an animal or does not fulfill their responsibility towards any animal, whether pet, street or wild animals. Responsibilities relate to taking care, giving them food and not to restrain them.

It is also specified by the various Courts that if someone does the same heinous acts with the animals, then he will be liable for the cruelty towards the animals. Any particular form of cruelty is not defined in any statute. In other words, we can say that violence towards animals can be of any type. For example: overt & intentional, negligence for welfare, etc.

Most Common Victims

On a daily basis, we can see that the dogs, cats, horses, and livestock became the common victims for the cruelty. One of the important reasons for these animals to become targets for being victimized to cruelty is that they are most commonly used by human beings. Also, the prescribed protection given to them is also weak and results in cruelty. Only the rarest of the rare cases come to any conclusion.

Another way to define cruelty is any act or omission which results in unnecessary or unreasonable harm to any animal. Different kinds of acts which results in cruelty include:

  1. Torturing of an animal;
  2. Transporting an animal in an inappropriate way;
  3. Killing an animal;
  4. Not to provide appropriate food or water for an animal;
  5. Unable to provide appropriate living conditions.

Hunting Is Not a Sport

If we talk about past years for say 10,000 years back, the majority of the people hunt for their survival. Tribal people, different kings hunt for their enjoyment as well as survival. Also, a larger number of animals lived at that time period. As time had passed level of enjoyment to hunt animals has increased and because of this, the ratio of animals present from the earlier times to that of today’s time period has diminished. During hunting, there are chances to miss the shot and which may kill the untargeted animals.

Also to show the superiority by the hunters, a healthiest and strongest animal gets hunt but not a weaker one. This has resulted in the deterioration in the species of the animals that were stronger as compared to the other animals. Also killing only male animals creates an imbalance between the ratios of the gender of animals.

State’s Efforts

State provides different kinds of welfare legislation, the prohibition of certain acts which are dangerous to the animals, imprisonment against the animals’ cruelty. State works so efficiently to provide justice to animals. Hence, on the breach of legislation which protects the animal from any kind of cruelty will be termed as a crime. And the serious conditions result in large fine and imprisonment as well.

Related Laws:

The following has been defined as the forms of cruelty towards animals under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 under section 11(1):

(a) Beating, Kicking, Over-riding, over-loading, Torturing, Causing unnecessary pain or suffering to any animals;

(b) Employing any animal which, by reason of its age or any disease, unfit to be so employed, and still making it work or labor or for any purposes;

(c) Wilfully and unreasonably administers any injurious drug or injurious substance;

(d) Conveying or carrying, either in or upon any vehicle in such a manner as to subject it to unnecessary pain or suffering;

(e) Keeping or confining any animal in any cage or any receptacle, which does not measure sufficiently in height, length and breadth to permit the animal a reasonable opportunity for movement;

(f) Keeping for an unreasonable time any animal chained or tethered upon an unreasonably heavy chain or chord;

Other sub-clauses are also mentioned in section 11(1) (o) of the Animal Cruelty Act, 1960 which relates to shooting and owners’ duties to follow to have a pet.

Punishable Offences

Under the Prevention of Cruelty Animals Act, 1960 the offender is liable to pay:

Fine – Rs.50;

If a 2nd offence committed within 3 years, Fine- Rs. 25-100

If the offender happens to have a vehicle then in case of a 2nd offence, the vehicle is confiscated as well as the person is not permitted to keep any animal again in life.


Many other acts are defined which relates to hunting and cruelty to animals. An individual must keep in mind that animals also feel pain. Animals love unconditionally, so there is no need to be cruel with them. Timely meals and unconfined shelter should be provided to them. Because of hunting, the population of different species is decreasing day by day which is creating an imbalance in nature. So human should think about nature’s imbalance and tries to save the animals instead of hunting.


By Muskaan Sharma,
A B.Com. LLB  4th Year student of Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan

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