Plea in Supreme Court seeks to stop event in Delhi calling for India to be declared Hindu Rashtra

 A Supreme Court petition requests a special investigation team led by a retired Supreme Court judge, as well as compensation for “illegal” demolitions.

30 April 2022

A Supreme Court petition requests a special investigation team led by a retired Supreme Court judge, as well as compensation for “illegal” demolitions.[Demolition of Khargone]

The Supreme Court petitioned for a free and impartial probe by a court-monitored special investigation team (SIT) into the; demolition of alleged rioters’ residences in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone district.

Those affected by the destruction have petitioned; the Supreme Court to intervene urgently to stop what the petition describes as the; municipal government of Khargone’s “illegal and arbitrary activities.”

The administration began demolishing; the homes and businesses of petitioners suspected of being involved in the violence that; erupted on April 10 when a gang of miscreants allegedly threw stones at a Ram Navami procession, resulting in widespread unrest across the district.

According to the petition, on April 10, a Ram Navami procession in the Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh; allegedly played objectionable songs on a DJ and used instigative communal slogans while crossing; the Talab Chowk area near Jama Masjid, resulting in heated arguments between; two religious groups.

Following that; communal violence erupted near Talab Chowk in Khargone when a Ram Navami procession stoned by a gang of rioters, resulting in arson, ransacking of shops, and torching of vehicles and buildings across the district, according to the plea.

The State administration ordered the demolition of the properties of rioters involved in the communal violence the next day in order to collect damages.

It claimed that; the local government in Madhya Pradesh demolished several of the petitioners’ properties on the pretense or erroneous assumption that; they were linked to alleged Ram Navami violence suspects in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh.

“The authorities demolished over 16 residences and 29 shops, largely owned by members of the; Muslim minority, charging their involvement in communal violence,” the petition stated.

“As a result, the authorities’ actions not only shift the burden of proof against the alleged offenders, but they also impede the accused persons from appropriately defending themselves against the charges,” the plea added.

The petitioners sought compensation and the reconstruction of their;  impacted properties and businesses, which filed through counsel  Adeel Ahmed.

The petition demanded that; the incident be investigated by a Special Investigations Team (SIT) led; by a retired Supreme Court judge and that; those involved in the allegedly illegal exercise face severe consequences.

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