Blissful marital life is a sheer result of unconditional love, faith, belief, passion and determination between couples who ensure to stay together in every phase of life. But things turn out ugly when both the spouse experience lack of interest, mistrust, misunderstandings, differences, etc. amongst one another.

Judicial Separation is the time period given to the parties to introspect their relationship so as to save their marriage. It is basically required when parties are unsure about the question of whether to take a divorce or not?

Living separately but as a husband and wife comprise of Judicial Separation. So, divorce or Judicial Seperation? Often this question is raised in the minds of the people. We, at Law Offices of Kr. Vivek Tanwar Advocates and Associates, currently working on a PAN India Project, with the team of dedicated help desk provide solutions to Matrimonial Issues including Judicial Separation.

To connect with the best lawyers for Judicial Separation, you can simply connect with us via a call or you can also drop an email on our official website. Our trained and dedicated team shall get back to you redress all your concerns.

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