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Introduction The literal meaning of the term “Stridhana” refers to the property which is owned by the stri i.e. the female. However, under Hindu law this term in its literal sense. It meant only that property of Hindu women which had these two properties: (i) It could be disposed of by the female owner according to


INTRODUCTION Marriage is one of the sacred bonds between a man and a woman. Marriage is not a relationship between two individuals; rather it is a bond between the families of the two individuals. Since, in the present scenario, people are busier in their professional lives than that of their ones. This is one reason


Introduction: Concept Of Maintenance The number of marriages is increasing day by day. The ratio of several marriages solemnized before the age of a majority is more than that of solemnized after the age of majority. There could be various reasons to claim the amount of maintenance: The husband consummates with the wife and then

Legal Status of Section 497 Indian Penal Code

  INTRODUCTION In today’s modern and the advanced world, relationships are getting complex because of so many issues. Spouses do not trust each other, they are happier in their professional lives than that of their personal and so on. Affair or extra-marital relationships are the new trends, but do we know what the laws applicable

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