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Rohit Dhankar

Personal Information

As a seasoned expert with five years of PQE, Rohit Dhankhar is a highly skilled legal professional who works for our firm as a Sr. Manager Legal. His degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Law with Honours from Amity Law College, Noida. Having shown proficiency in several legal fields, including Civil, Matrimonial, Criminal, Recovery, Consumer, MACT, RERA, and ADR Laws, Rohit is registered with the Punjab & Haryana Bar Council.

Throughout his professional life, Rohit has taken part in numerous legal proceedings and made appearances before esteemed courts and tribunals located in Gurugram and New Delhi. He can represent clients well and explain their cases with accuracy because he has a thorough awareness of how these court bodies operate. Because Rohit is knowledgeable about the legal process, he makes sure that his client’s interests are protected at every stage of the legal process.

One of Rohit’s key strengths lies in his drafting skills, which allow him to prepare well-structured and persuasive legal documents. Whether it is drafting pleadings, petitions, or legal notices, Rohit pays meticulous attention to detail and ensures that his submissions are clear, concise, and legally sound. He also possesses strong communication skills, enabling him to effectively present his arguments before the court and articulate complex legal concepts in a comprehensible manner.

Rohit is an even more competent legal practitioner because of his administrative abilities. He is skilled at setting priorities, handling several cases at once, and sticking to deadlines. He makes sure that all required paperwork, supporting materials, and submissions are created and submitted on time because he recognises the value of effective case management.

In addition to his litigation expertise, Rohit excels in legal research. He has a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of relevant laws, statutes, and precedents, enabling him to provide accurate and well-informed legal advice to his clients. Rohit’s research skills allow him to identify key legal arguments, anticipate potential challenges, and develop strong strategies to support his clients’ cases.

Areas of Practice:

Civil & Criminal Litigation:

Rohit represents clients in cases including contracts, real estate, torts, and criminal offences. He handles a broad range of civil and criminal litigation matters. He has expertise in running trials, writing pleadings, and making strong arguments in front of the judge.

Arbitration & Dispute Resolution:

Through arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution procedures, Rohit helps clients resolve their conflicts. He has experience writing arbitration agreements, arguing arbitration cases, and settling cases in a way that benefits his clients.

Matrimonial Litigation:

Rohit possesses proficiency in managing marriage conflicts, encompassing divorce litigation, child custody disputes, maintenance demands, and property allocation. He takes a compassionate approach to these delicate matters and works to get his clients equitable and cordial outcomes.

Revenue-related Litigation:

Rohit represents clients in revenue-related matters, including tax disputes, property tax assessments, and other issues pertaining to revenue laws. He provides legal advice and advocacy services to protect his client’s interests in such cases.

Debt Recovery & Insolvency-related Litigation:

Rohit helps customers pursue legal action to recoup their debts. He is knowledgeable on debt recovery laws and tactics, particularly lawsuits pertaining to insolvency and bankruptcy.

Banking & Finance-related Litigation:

In his litigation practice, Rohit focuses on banking and finance cases, notably those pertaining to the Negotiable Instruments Act (NI Act). In situations involving bounced checks, debt recovery, and other banking-related challenges, he represents customers.

Motor Accident Claims Litigation:

Rohit offers legal assistance to people filing claims relating to auto accidents. He guides his clients through the difficult process of pursuing damages and recompense for injuries they have received in accidents.

Consumer Cases:

Rohit ensures that his clients’ rights as consumers are upheld by representing them in consumer disputes.

With his wide range of legal knowledge and expertise, Rohit Dhankhar is a great asset to our firm. He exhibits a great dedication to client success in his role as Manager Legal, which is supported by his strong educational background and real-world experience. Rohit’s expertise in litigation, negotiation, and legal research is crucial to providing our clients with excellent legal services and obtaining successful results.


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