Legal Intern

Esha Gandhi


Miss.Esha Gandhi is a skilled legal intern in our organisation. She is pursuing her BBALLB from Banasthali University, showcasing her commitment to academic excellence. Esha is currently gaining practical experience and expanding her expertise in various areas of law.

her practical exposure will provide her with valuable perspectives on banking law’s nuances and enhance her skill in effectively manoeuvring through intricate legal structures.


completing BBALLB degree successfully, Esha showcases her elevated proficiency in the realm of law. her academic foundation equips her with a thorough comprehension of legal fundamentals and their real-world implementations. She has good knowledge and Holds on legal terms.


Areas of Expertise:

Esha  has developed expertise in various legal areas, including:

Cheque Bounce, NI Act:

Esha specialises in cases related to cheque bounce under the Negotiable
Instruments Act (NI Act), representing clients and seeking legal remedies for non-payment or insufficient funds.


Esha possesses hands-on involvement in addressing issues concerning the Prevention of Atrocities against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (PASS) Act. She has been actively engaged in extending legal support to victims and striving for the promotion of justice and parity in such cases.

Matrimonial Disputes:

Esha is keenly interested in matrimonial disputes, including cases such
as divorce, child custody, alimony, and property division. she strives to protect her client’s rights and achieve fair and amicable resolutions.

Domestic Violence Act:

Esha exhibits a deep understanding of the stipulations within the Domestic Violence Act, offering legal assistance to individuals affected by such situations and actively contributing to efforts aimed at thwarting and rectifying instances of domestic violence.


Esha possesses a diverse range of skills that contribute to her effectiveness as a legal intern, including:

Proficiency in Microsoft Word:

Esha  is skilled in using Microsoft Word for drafting legal documents,
including contracts, agreements, and correspondence, and have great research skills.

Legal Research:

Esha  has a strong research understanding, enabling her to conduct thorough and
comprehensive legal research to support her cases and provide informed advice to clients.

Document Preparation:

Esha excels in preparing accurate and well-structured legal documents,
ensuring they meet the required standards and effectively convey the intended message.

Client Interaction:

Esha possesses excellent interpersonal skills and engages with clients in a
professional and empathetic manner, understanding their concerns and providing appropriate legal guidance.

Analytical Thinking:

Esha  demonstrates analytical thinking, allowing her to assess complex legal
situations, identify key issues, and develop effective strategies to address them.


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