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In recent years there has been a steep escalation in the number of automobile accidents and the figure is still increasing. According to a study made by the National Transportation Planning and Research Center, Delhi and Trivandrum, a road accident takes place every four minutes in which a person is killed or injured. In a year about twenty-five thousand persons are killed and about one lakh persons are injured.

With the evolution of the civilization of human beings, the actions of negligence have become an actionable error. You will need a highly qualified, experienced, and personalized lawyer in the event of an accident. We not only provide appropriate services for motor accident claim matters but also with legal consultation by the experts so as to provide respite to the victims of accident claims.

The persons generally involved in motor accidents are pedestrians, children, women, and illiterates. To claim insurance from the insurance companies can be a very strenuous task for the claimants especially for those who aren’t about their legal rights. The insurance company's main objective is to minimize its liability on any technical grounds. Therefore our job is to help you get justified compensation for the loss you have suffered. Our main objective is to satisfy our clients and undo the wrong that has been committed against their families.

We not only provide appropriate services for motor accident claim matters but also with legal consultation by the experts so as to provide a complete solution under one roof. We, the team of Law Offices of Vivek Tanwar Advocate & Associates, currently working on a PAN India project, provide our clients with a wide range of legal services in various matters. The services have been personalized to ensure ultimate client satisfaction. Dedicated help desks are being provided to ensure that the clients placing their faith in our team are provided with regular follow-ups and updates, apart from being assigned with a dedicated relationship manager. To connect with the best lawyers in Motor Accident Claim Matters, you can simply connect with us via a call or you can also drop an email on our official website. Our trained and dedicated team shall get back to you to redress all your concerns. We the Law Offices of Kr. Vivek Tanwar Advocate and Associates have lawyers that specialize in this field of work and that will be able to solve all of your queries.

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