Priyanka Goel

Personal Info

Ms. Priyanka Goel, a seasoned professional with a PQE of 4 years, is a highly skilled legal professional working as an Associate at our organization, specializing in various legal areas. She holds a Bachelor of Law degree along with B.Com and M.Com. Priyanka is enrolled with the Bar Council of Delhi and has demonstrated expertise in various areas of law, including Civil, Matrimonial, Criminal, Recovery, Consumer and ADR Laws. With her impressive qualifications, extensive expertise, and diverse skill set, she is a valuable asset to our team.

One of Priyanka’s key strengths lies in his drafting skills, which allow her to prepare well-structured and persuasive legal documents. Whether it is drafting pleadings, petitions, or legal notices, Priyanka pays meticulous attention to detail and ensures that his submissions are clear, concise, and legally sound. She also possesses strong communication skills, enabling her to effectively present her arguments before the court and articulate complex legal concepts in a comprehensible manner.


Priyanka holds the following degrees, which contribute to her comprehensive understanding of legal principles and practices:

B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce): This degree provides Priyanka with a strong foundation in business and financial concepts, enabling her to analyze complex financial data and understand the financial implications of legal cases.

M.Com (Master of Commerce): This degree equips Priyanka with an advanced understanding of various aspects of commerce and business management. With an M.Com, Priyanka gains a deeper knowledge of financial analysis, strategic planning, and decision-making in complex business scenarios.
LL.B (Bachelor of Laws): Priyanka’s LL.B degree signifies her completion of an undergraduate program focused on legal studies. This degree equips her with fundamental legal knowledge and analytical skills required to navigate the complexities of the legal system.

Areas of Expertise:

Priyanka possesses a diverse range of legal expertise, enabling her to handle various types of cases with proficiency. Her areas of expertise include:

Recovery Suit

Priyanka is experienced in dealing with recovery suits, which involve pursuing legal action to recover outstanding debts or monetary dues.

Cheque Bounce, NI Act

Priyanka is well-versed in the legal provisions of the Negotiable Instruments Act and has expertise in handling cases related to cheque bounce and dishonoured cheques.

Matrimonial Disputes

Priyanka has in-depth knowledge and experience in matrimonial law, enabling her to assist clients in resolving complex issues related to marriage, divorce, alimony, child custody, and property division.

Domestic Violence Act

Priyanka is proficient in matters pertaining to the Domestic Violence Act. She is capable of providing legal advice and representation to victims of domestic violence, ensuring their rights and protection.

Criminal Litigation

Priyanka has expertise in criminal law and litigation. She can handle cases involving criminal offenses, representing clients and providing effective legal defence.


Priyanka possesses a range of skills that enhance her capabilities as a lawyer. These skills include:

Proficiency in Microsoft Excel

Priyanka is skilled in using Microsoft Excel for managing and analyzing data. This enables her to handle large amounts of information efficiently and present it in a structured manner.

Proficiency in Microsoft Word

Priyanka is adept at drafting legal documents and correspondence using Microsoft Word. This skill allows her to prepare well-crafted legal pleadings, contracts, agreements, and other legal paperwork.

Legal Research Work:

Priyanka excels in conducting thorough legal research, which is essential for building strong cases and staying up-to-date with the latest legal precedents and developments.

Priyanka’s qualifications, areas of expertise, and skills make her a highly competent and versatile lawyer. With her dedication, knowledge, and proficiency in various legal domains, she is well-equipped to provide effective legal representation and advice to our organization and its clients.


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